• Environmental Protection Statement :  

    The entire organization is to act in accordance with international health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Thereby providing and maintaining a work environment that follows the rules and regulations set forth. Our goal is to prevent any contagious diseases, property losses, environmental pollutants, and other preventable risks to insure zero workplace injuries. As a world-class company we are dedicated to environmental protection through concrete actions and initiatives.

    Green Concepts :  

    • Actively implement an ISO14000-compliant environmental protection work system overseen by an Environmental Protection Department and a designated committee to implement environmental and safety initiatives.
    • The company actively cooperate with local government environmental protection policies to help achieve a pollution-free environment.
    • Establish clear environmental-protection policies, with an emphasis on “origins management” to eliminate pollution at the source. Involve the entire workforce to improve management practices to offer a high-quality, high-safety, and zero-pollution product to our customers around the world.
    • To further strengthen our environmental awareness, Kingbright implemented plant-wide initiatives that focused on waste management, energy consumption reduction, material reuse, and other environmental protection concepts.
    • Actively reduce production waste and continue to search out non-polluting materials and processes for our production.
    • Establish partnerships only with suppliers that share and practice the same environmental protection policies as Kingbright.

    Kingbright factory environmental protection policy and goals :

    • Waste-reduction : Continue to practice the 3 R's (reduce, reuse and recycle) for waste and material resource.
    • Decrease pollution : Minimize the usage of materials that is harmful to the environment and reduce pollution.
    • Reduce energy consumption : Utilize more productive machines and facilities to minimize energy waste.
    • Minimize accident losses : Implement environmental protection initiatives and directives to prevent polluting disasters.
    • Abide by laws and regulations : Comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the government and efficiently disseminate information throughout the entire organization and supply chain.