• Kingbright mission statement: Kingbright promises to be a globally responsible world citizen by promoting environmentally-friendly green-energy optoelectronic products. We will take responsibility to help the Earth and to improve the quality of life for all people.

    Kingbright’s CSR core committee includes top management personnel to incorporate CSR principles into our daily operation and core values. We follow the four core principles outlined in “” (GRI G3) to fulfill our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities to our employees, customers, suppliers, government, and society.

    “Enterprise” requires a healthy “society” to create demand, provide resources, and offer a profitable working environment. Society requires healthy enterprises to offer employment and create opportunities for its citizens. Kingbright will promote a mutually-beneficial relationship with society, to become a respected, sustainable global enterprise.

    Kingbright’s Four Core Principles :

    • Green Technology
    • Green Innovation
    • Green Service
    • Green Earth

    Kingbright Corporate Social Responsibility Mission :